Michael Odysseus Yakoumakis was born in 1956 at Athens of Greece. He studied Painting at the Scuola Libera Del Nudo of the Academy of Fine Arts of Naples in Italy, and obtained a Laurea in Geological Sciences at the University of the same city. He studied Computer Science at the EL.KE.PA of Athens. He enhanced his education and experience by learning Sumi-e, Comic Design, Incision & Printmaking, Artistic Book-binding and Graphics Design.

He is a regular member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece, Greece's official professional guild of fine artists, supervised by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture

He worked as a Systems Engineer and Fine Artist until 2003, when he decided to focus exclusively on the Fine Arts. Since then has lived in Athens where he works as a Painter, Illustrator, Tutor of Fine Arts and Fantasy Fiction Writer.

He founded the “Romantic Anonymous Fellowship”, Athenian group of the “Stuckism International” movement of Fine Artists.

He writes and illustrates two series of fantasy fiction graphic literature: “The Chronicles of the Archipelago” and “The Chronicles of the West”.

His painting oeuvre has, until now, been presented at eight personal shows in Athens and Kythera Island and at several group shows in Montreal, Nicosia, London, Rome, Hamburg, Liverpool, Florence, Athens and Canterbury.

His oeuvre is mainly symbolist with several references to the International Gothic, the Italian Renaissance, the Flemish and German Primitives, the Japanese Sumi-e, the "Sezessionstil", the "Neue Sachlichkeit", to Surrealism, and to some schools of European Comic.

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Michael Odysseus Yakoumakis

Painter – Illustrator – Art Instructor

la Rosa & la Spada” Fine Arts Studio

47 Poulopoulou str. 11851 Athens, Greece

tel +30 2103466172, +30 6908731601

email ulisse@rosaspada.com
web http://rosasspada.com

FaceBook https://www.facebook.com/la.Rosa.E.la.Spada

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